Fishing Trip Game!

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Grab your fishing pole and let’s go on a  Fishing Trip! Catch as many fish as you can to earn points before the time runs out on your fishing fun! Beware of the sharks who love to eat your favorite fish. Use bombs to blow up the dangerous sharks and get prizes from the rising bubbles! Good luck on your next fishing trip!

Fishing Trip is a mobile-friendly fishing arcade game where your goal is to catch as many fish and earn as many points as possible in a limited time. Each fish has a corresponding score and you can catch more than 1 fish at a time if you time your hooks correctly. If you wish to catch bigger fish (like sharks) and earn huge points, you may drop a bomb! Time can also be extended by collecting alarm clocks inside bubbles. Similarly, you can get more bombs by collecting bombs inside bubbles.

This game also works in modern mobile browsers: Android and iOS

Mouse – Navigate
LMB / Touch – Interact / Select
A / D – Move
Left and Right Arrows – Move
S – Drop Hook
Down Arrow -Drop Hook
Space – Drop Bomb