Dinosaur Matching Game

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Dinosaur Memory Matching Game is a memory match game where you need to match pairs of tiles. Playing is very simple – you turn over one tile and then try to find a matching tile. Concentration Memory matching game. Find two cards that match to win the cards.

When you click on the first tile of a turn and you have exposed a matching tile in a previous turn. This indicates that you should then be able to make a match.

Memory Match How to Play Can you match the pictures? Match all the pictures to reveal a picture underneath. Pick a Theme. Prongo’s Friends · Bugs · Dinosaurs · flowers · School House · Baby Dragon · Frog · Zoo Animals · Outer Space · Baby Chicken
Mix up the cards.
Lay them in rows, face down.
Turn over any two cards.
If the two cards match, keep them.
If they don’t match, turn them back over.
Remember what was on each card and where it was.
The game is over when all the cards have been matched.