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Title: Submitted By: Date Submitted:
If an athlete gets athletes foot, what does an astronaut get? Rich 09/14/00
Why did the rooster cross the road? Jesse 09/12/00
When is a car not a car? Jason 09/11/00
KNOCK, KNOCK Jamie 09/10/00
What kind of music do mummies like? tonya 09/09/00
KNOCK, KNOCK Jessi 09/08/00
Why Did The Football Coach Go To The bank? Fayte 09/08/00
What did the tea pot say to the chip.... Jamie 09/06/00
Man: Doctor, doctor I feel that I have only 59 seconds to live... Sis 09/04/00
What do you call a sleeping bull? Drew D. 09/04/00
Did you hear about the guy who lost his left side? Drew D. 09/04/00
Why do golfers wear two pairs of pants? Drew D. 09/04/00
What do you call a mummy's watch? Drew D. 09/04/00
What is a ghosts favorite food? Van 09/02/00
What is a chicken's favorite musician? Anthony 09/02/00
KNOCK, KNOCK Danny 09/02/00
What is a fly with no wings? Lozza 09/02/00
What do u call a child who is asleep? Da Bomb 08/31/00
What kind of angel is Noah? Da bomb 08/31/00
What do u call an animal that repeats the song that it hears? Rosey 08/31/00

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